Pulsar Observations at Tavolaia Observatory

NOTE: All the information and images presented here are reproduced with permission by Andrea Buti (via Andrea Dell'Immagine - IW5BHY).

Another permanent observatory of the B0329+54 pulsar located in Tavolaia (near Pisa, Italy) run by the Isaac Newton Astronomical Association.


A 3D corner reflector antenna has been installed at the Tavolaia Observatory and observations conducted daily of B0329+54 at 415 MHz.

From the Tavolaia Observatory website here (in Italian - English translation in light grey)...

Receiving System

Antenna Type:               3D corner (constructed by Andrea Buti)
Operating frequency:      415 MHz, 20 MHz of usable bandwidth
Drift scan mode:            2 hours integration time
Measured performances: 1.9 dB milky way to quiet sky (+54° declination)
LNA:                             Low noise, G4DDK (NF = 0.4dB)
Receiver:                       HackRF, currently 10MHz BW
Recording SW:               GNU radio channeliser, 2 KHz/25 channels format
Back-end SW:                PRESTO

Automation software and PRESTO post-processing created by Andrea and Giorgio Dell'Immagine.


The 3D corner reflector antenna used at the Tavolaia Observatory to receive signals from the B0329+54 pulsar at 415 MHz.


Daily Result Files

Observations are running automatically and the results are updated daily...


This is a permanent link to share the results.


Examples From the Daily Archive

Prepfold Example:

Profile Example:

FFT Example:

Yet another excellent result from a small antenna !!!