Pulsar Observations - Tadeja Saje, S56ZSA & Matjaž Vidmar, S53MV

NOTE: All the information and images presented here are reproduced with permission by Tadeja and Matjaž.  Further details are contained in this PDF document.

Tadeja Saje (S56ZSA) and Matjaž Vidmar (S53MV) have detected B0329+54 @ 1420 MHz.


Tadeja and Matjaž have installed a 3.1 metre dish on their house rooftop situated in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.  They have conducted observations of B0329+54 at this location at 1420 MHz.

Receiving System

Dish 3.1 meter , mesh screen reflector - AZ/EL rotator EGIS EPR-203
VE4MA feed for 1.42GHz
Observation bandwidth : 25 MHz without de-dispersion
Preamplifier - The two-stage HEMT LNA homebrew - 0.4 db (30 K)


The 3.1 metre mesh dish antenna used by S56ZSA and S53MV to observe pulsars at 1420 MHz.


The Results (April  2017 - May 2017)

The results of detection of B0329+54 (~ 3300 ly) as given by S56ZSA and S53MV.

Note that sub-pulses are visible in these profiles.

Folding Profiles

The profile for the 30th April is shown below..

Profile - 30th April

The result was repeated 6 day later on the 6th May and is shown below...

Profile - 6th May

Plot of Period Increase versus Time

A nice demonstration of the observed pulsar period tracking the calculated period over a number of days.

Plot of 5 Days Showing Decrease in Observed Period vs Calculated Period

Overall a nice result with a small TVRO dish in a town environment.

Further details are contained in this PDF document.