Pulsar Observations: Phase 2 - Nando Pellegrini (I1NDP)

NOTE: All images presented here and a large part of the text has been downloaded with permission from this website.

Nando Pellegrini (I1NDP) has upgraded his system hardware and software has now detected 23 pulsars using a 10 metre dish @ 1296 MHz.

Background (extracted from the website)

Improved 23cm System Pulsar Observations

Nando writes..

"After the first experience with pulsar B0329+54 I gave up because the increasing number of interference on the 23cm band reached such a level that was not compatible anymore with my setup.  The limitations were mainly the narrow available window due to the filters inside the transverter with 4Mhz bandwidth and also my Perseus SDR with its 2Mhz max sample rate did not allow a high sensitivity in pulsar signal detection.  The next big limit was my home made software far removed from the sophisticated algorithms used by professional observatories.  The original setup was therefore deeply revised, as much as possible, in terms of receiver chain and data post processing."

Nando acknowledges the assistance of OE5JFL (Hannes), I0NAA (Mario) and IW5BHY (Andrea) with various aspects of his upgraded system.

Go to I1NDP's website here for details of Nando's upgraded system and results.


The 10 metre dish antenna used by I1NDP to observe pulsars at 23cm.