Pulsar Observations - Mario (I0NAA)

NOTE: All the information and images presented here are reproduced with permission by Mario.

Mario Natali (I0NAA) has detected 5 pulsars (as of January 2018).

See Mario's site for further details.


Mario has a 5 metre dish situated near Assisi, Italy.  He has conducted observations of 5 pulsars at this location @ 1303 MHz (B1642-03, B1933+16, B1929+10, B2020+28), 1297 MHz (B0329+54) and 409 MHz (B0329+54).

Receiving Systems


The 5 metre mesh dish antenna used by I0NAA to observe pulsars at 1297/1303 MHz with a W2IMU feed.  The dish support has an ingenious design to allow a quick change of feeds and to also allow stowing during storms - or simply to hide it.


For the 409 MHz observations a BFR Loop feed was installed on the 5 metre mesh dish.

See Mario's site for further details.