Pulsar Observations - Michiel Klaassen - Dwingeloo Radio Observatory

NOTE: All the information and images presented here are reproduced with permission by Michiel Klaassen.


Michiel Klaassen (assisted by Paul Boven) used the Dwingeloo Telescope to record pulsar signals from PSR B0329+54, the strongest pulsar that is visible from the Northern hemisphere. See the PARAC site for more information.

Receiving System

Dish 25 meter , mesh screen reflector

RTL2832U SDR dongle driven by the RTL_SDR.exe sampling program @ 2Msps and the data dumped directly onto the hard drive of a laptop. (command line: rtl_sdr 2e6 -s -f -n 419.0e6 2e8 dump2000a.bin)

Air-Cooled RTL2832U SDR dongle


The 25 metre mesh dish antenna used at Dwingeloo Radio Observatory to observe pulsars at 419 MHz.


25 metre Antenna at Dwingeloo Radio Observatory

The Results

The results of detection of B0329+54 (~ 3300 ly) at 419 MHz with 2 MHz bandwidth as given by Michiel Klaassen.


Profile for B0329+54

Confirmation of Data

The raw RTL_SDR dongle I/Q data file was supplied by Michiel for others to confirm.  This author (Steve Olney - VK2XV) applied his own folding software to the data file (trimmed to remove some phase jumps) and got this result...

Confirmation of Data File Supplied by Michiel Klaassen

...which shows the same result as Michiel's - a nice confirmation.

It is extremely useful when original data is supplied to allow analysis.  Not only is it collaboration, but also it assists others in their education and their own pulsar projects.

More Information

See the PARAC site for more information.