Amateur Pulsar Observation - Deep Space Exploration Society (DSES)

NOTE: All images presented here and most of the text has been downloaded with permission from this website.

The first DSES Pulsar was captured on the 60-ft (18 m) dish by the observing team of Richard A. Russel, Ray Uberecken, Bob Haggart on May 2, 2020.


The 18 m diameter antenna used at DSES.

The parabolic dish antenna is operated at a wavelength of roughly 70 cm (420 MHz) with one polarisation.

Operating Position

The very impressive operating position at DSES.

Rich and Ray celebrating the first pulsar.

A very impressive setup !!!

B0329+54 (J032+5434) 30 Minute Acquisition

This pulsar is the second strongest of all pulsars at 400 MHz (1500 mJy) after the Vela pulsar (5000 mJy).

The result for a short 30 minute observation of B0329+54 at 420 MHz with a bandwidth of 10 MHz and analysed using the PRESTO pulsar suite of programs is shown below.

An excellent result !!!

Go to the DSES pulsar detection announcement for more details.