Pulsar Observations - Bernd (DL7APV)

Bernd has turned his impressive 70 cm EME array towards B0329+54 and produced an outstanding result.

NOTE: All images have been downloaded with permission from Bernd.


The impressive array antenna used at DL7APV to observe pulsars at 70 cm...

...comprising 11-element Yagis in an array 8 antennas high by 16 antennas wide - a total of 128 antennas working in unison to give a horizontal beamwidth of 1.8° and a vertical beamwidth of 3.8°.

To say it is a nice antenna is an understatement....

Receiver Chain


Pulsar B0329+54 was detected within only 200 seconds observation time at a S/N over 62 (+18 dB).

Bernd gives thanks to Hannes (OE5JFL) and Jan (PA3FXB) for help in achieving this result.

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